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1. Personal Prodigy Quests™ (access on mobile app)

  • Daily activities to to develop all-round abilities for your baby, toddler, or child through simple activities explained over short videos
  • ​Personalised AI-driven plans, as per your baby / child's needs and milestones
  • ​Develop real, tangible, fundamental and demonstrable abilities in languages, physical abilities, intelligence, problem solving, logical thinking, creativity, music, and behaviour development
  • ​No screentime for the child
  • ​Takes only 5 minutes a day

2. Suite of Prodigy Measurement Tools

  • ​Prodigy Daybook - to track daily activities & progress
  • ​Prodigy Trails - to capture important milestones and memories
  • ​Prodigy Medals - to record major achievements and skill development
  • ​Prodigy Star Tracker - a comprehensive all-round framework to measure, monitor & observe your child's progress across all areas of development on the Prodigy Framework

3. Superparent Community

  • Special access to our premium community with all other superparents just like you
  • ​Learn from our community experts and share all your joyful and stressful parenting moments  with your fellow parents!

Plus FREE Exclusive Bonuses

4. [FREE] Prodigy Essentials

  • ​Learn the 3 Secrets essential to helping your child unlock their fullest potential
  • ​Uncover the Superstar Rules that allow you to get inside the mind of every baby or toddler and know exactly what they are thinking
  • ​Learn the Booster Method™ - the fastest way to develop your baby's focus, concentration, and learning abilities for amazing intelligence and memory skills

5. [FREE] Monthly Reports

  • ​Receive progress reports every month in your mailbox
  • ​​See your past actions, and your upcoming plans
  • ​Easy to keep track of everything

[Bonus] Parent Coaches

(Only With 3 Mo. & 6 Mo. Plans)

  • Unlimited access to team of Parent Coaches to assist you in journey
  • ​Simply message your coach and they will help you out - no need to book appointments, or worry about their availabilities
  • ​PLUS: Priority support for technical queries over email & WhatsApp
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500,000+ families 
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Here's why people recommend the Prodigy Club

"I'm sold!"

"I have to say I was sceptical but in 1 month I'm sold! My baby is pointing to 25+ different objects & also knows all the colours which my older baby took 2 years to learn."
- Chitra P.

"I'm so amazed!"

"Jay named 35 fruits today!! I'm so amazed at his memory! He also knows all the planets, continents, and oceans. [His friends are] still learning body parts. Thanks guys."
- Prachi A.

"This is truly amazing!"

"I wish I had found you when my first kid was born. Raghav explains each concept with so much clearly. Hats off to you and your team. This is truly amazing. Thank you so much."
- Swati M.
MORE THAN "JUST" activities - a complete system that works

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  • Personal Prodigy Quests™
  • ​Suite of Prodigy Measurement Tools
  • ​Superparent Community
  • ​[Bonus 1] Prodigy Essentials Pack
  • ​[Bonus 2] Monthly Progress Reports
  • ​[Only With 3 & 6 Month Plans] Unlimited Access To Parent Coaches

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