Raising Superstars

Raising Superstars was started with one mission: to help parents
in their parenting journey

Who we are?

Raising Superstars is a world class team of engineers, early childhood educators, doctors, and consulting professors led by Raghav Himatsingka (Stanford Univ.) and his wife Shraddha. They’re both dedicated parents who started this journey primarily to help their own son become the best version of his own talents. However, the results that they saw blew them away, and what started as a simple initiative turned into a full fledged venture which now serves parents across the world in more than 150 countries.

What we do?

When Raghav, a serial entrepreneur, became a father, he saw a need in the market for a system to raise a well-rounded, happy baby who would never have to face the struggles of learning in life but couldn’t find any company that satisfied his needs. This led to him taking matters in his own hands by studying 60 years of research in 75+ books, videos & films to uncover the learning acceleration techniques for his son and ultimately starting his own company.

Why we do it?

Raghav learnt that all babies are born geniuses, but at 2 years of age, they start losing abilities due to a biological process in the brain called “Synaptic Pruning”. This is the same reason why adults can’t learn new languages, but a baby can learn any language in the world because for adults, the synaptic pruning of the language ability has already long happened. Raghav was determined to unlock his baby’s potential before they were lost. His extensive research and application of those techniques on his son resulted in the creation of the world’s first company to offer a product like this for 0-2 years old babies.