Start Your Journey

Starting your Raising Superstars journey is a commitment towards providing your child with the best opportunities in life so that they can achieve their fullest potential. We are on a mission to raise a generation of kids across the world that are saksham (sanskrit: “self capable”) to craft the life of their dreams – on their own terms, and without stress or the burdens of any expectations of society.

Parents routinely tell us that their kids after going through our system are more well-rounded, more confident, more compassionate, and far better equipped to pick up new learnings super-fast. Most parents also believe that our system has helped their child prepare for a more secure life of health, wealth, and happiness.

And all of this, in just 5 minutes a day (and yes, cheat days are 100% allowed)!

While it’s natural that many parents leave the system at some point, those who stay on for the journey, experience an exhilaration that is beyond our capabilities to describe in words. Their kids surprise them with words and actions that are far beyond anybody’s expectations at their age. We truly believe that we are awakening the true and hidden talents and potential in every child. You simply have to experience it to believe it for yourself.

How It All Works

The Prodigy Framework™ is accessible via our Android or iOS mobile app. It can also be accessed on the computer using any browser.

We follow a 3 part process to assist all parents:

  1. Learning Outcomes: We first outline the list of learning outcomes for all categories and sub-categories of the Prodigy Framework™
  2. Activities & Intervention: We then define the actions and interventions that are required to achieve those outcomes in a manner that’s easy, convenient, fun, but most of all, tangible and visible 
  3. Path to Navigate: Lastly, we create an automated, ML driven path for the parent to navigate through the Framework for their child. This means that neither the parent, nor the child has to worry about which activities to do. The entire process is guided, yet personalised for your child based on their milestones, progress and growth. It’s almost as if someone is holding your hand and leading you through the shortest, most convenient path to achieve all the goals and outcomes for your child.