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Help your baby become the best version of themselves with these 6 TIPs from Raghav!

The Prodigy Baby Framework gives new parents the opportunity to unlock their baby’s true genius through early learning and development. In the latest episode of the Prodigy Show, Raghav pulls out a few tips and tricks from under his sleeve that will help your babies to become the best version of them.

Give your babies opportunities in different activities.

Give your baby the opportunities that will help them explore different parts of their brain. Let them explore creativity, math, music, and everything else. This will help them discover their potential and talents very early on in life and, thus, help them choose the path for their future.

Give your baby a lot of confidence.

The major reason why babies don’t reach their milestones on time; be it crawling, walking, or talking, is because they do not have the confidence that they will be able to do so. Encourage your baby in the smallest of the activities to boost their confidence. This will make them more likely to achieve milestones early in life.

No judgement.

Do not judge your baby. It might sound non-intuitive but babies catch to our gestures more than adults do. Showing any kind of disappointment or judgement makes babies very conscious and reluctant in trying anything new in the future. We don’t want our babies to lose their curiosity.

Respect your baby’s choices.

Give your baby the freedom to choose. Let them choose their clothes, let them choose their toys, and even let them choose the activities that they want to do. This will allow them to make independent decisions and discover their interests. However, this doesn’t mean that you will intentionally let them wander on a path that might be wrong for them. As parents, also help them steer away from making bad decisions.

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Trust your baby’s skills.

Sometimes we assume that are baby is too small to do certain things and, thus, underestimate their skills. Trust your baby with little things that you might think they cannot do, like walking early or singing or drawing. Trust them and they might surprise you.

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Expect to be surprised.

Most of the times we expect that our babies might not be able to do certain things only because they are small. Expect your baby to surprise you with what they can do. Babies understand this and they are eager to show you the little miracles that they can do.

These are some simple tips from the Prodigy Baby System that will help you to maximize your baby’s development. Implement them and see your baby become the best versions of them.

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6 Things Your Baby Wants You To Know!

With the first episode of The Prodigy Show out on YouTube, we bring you a sneak peek into the world of parents of our prodigy babies to answer these intriguing questions. Raghav Himatsingka also spills the beans on some basic things to remember as parents.

So, here are the top six things that your baby wants you to know:

Do not swaddle your baby. Keep them free.

Swaddling is a concept that was invented to make the lives of parents easier. We swaddle our babies so that they don’t cry, they keep warm and they just don’t move. But that’s not what babies want. What babies want is the freedom and independence to move their limbs, to be able to yell to be able to cry, to be able to express, to be able to experience their vocal chords and to be able to ultimately start their mobility, which is crawling, walking, standing, all of those things. So, keep them free, keep them unconstrained, unrestricted in their natural environment, as much as possible on their tummies so that they can start exploring their abilities to be mobile.

Let there be noise.

Sometimes as parents, we are over-cautious about keeping our babies away from noise, in a quiet and silent environment. Allow your baby exposure to different kinds of sounds, whether it’s everyday sounds, nature sounds or even sounds of language, because that will help them understand language, understand communication, also try and understand the world around them. We are not asking you to expose your baby to loud environment, like that of a nightclub or a disco, but don’t try and shield them from every little noise and sound. Allow the natural sounds and communication to get to your baby so that they can start appreciating the sounds in the world.

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Your baby wants to talk.

Some of us assume that just because our babies have not developed their vocal chords, they cannot communicate with us. However, given a chance, they are actually capable of communicating through their eyes, through the expressions, with their smiles, with their hands and legs, their limbs moving about, and so on. These reactions are completely appropriate ways of communicating. When you allow that chance, your baby experiences a completely amazing amount of delight at having been understood and been given the opportunity to be able to communicate with their parents. So, allow your baby a chance and let them talk back to you.

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No screen-time.

Getting your baby hooked to a screen is convenient for parents but, it is extremely harmful for your baby’s development, as well as for their personality and character building. In the pursuit to keep our baby engaged so that we can focus on our own thing, we give them a mobile app to play with, or an iPad to play with. This keeps the baby engaged but can impair and delay their speech development. It would also lead to personality issues, behavior issues, and the overall growth and development.

Expose your baby to different sounds and music.

Your baby can hear sounds that you cannot hear. Babies have a more sensitive hearing than adults. So, expose your baby to different sounds and different kinds of music so that they will be able to not only appreciate all of these things, but also be able to train their auditory sense. They’ll be able to develop their sense of hearing and sense of identification of sounds, which will ultimately lead to a better sense in music as well as better sense of creativity as they grow older.

Take your baby outdoors.

When a baby is born into the world, they need exposure to natural surroundings, to trees, to the environment, to fresh air. Take them outside and you will see a noticeable change in how they react indoors and outdoors. There is happiness and joy in their personality when they have been out. They will also begin to expend their energy and it will ultimately lead to better sleeping, better resting, and better development and growth.

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So, the major take-away from the first ever episode of The Prodigy Show is to take your baby outdoors and let them enjoy the natural surroundings, and watch them grow and develop into a happy, joyful baby as they grow older.

So above all, what makes your child a prodigy? It is your willingness to take action as a parent is what makes all the difference. Take action now and raise a prodigy baby. Visit

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Reading books to your baby – Storytelling way of engaging with your baby

Reading books or storytelling is not only an engaging activity but it also is a fun way to teach your baby a lot of new things. And it all begins with little things – little tips and tricks.

What books to read to your baby?

It is important to know how to pick a book for your baby. When your baby is as young as zero to two years, you must select books with hard pages, so that even when your baby gets too curious and might try to rip off the pages, they do not tear. Books that are bright and colourful are more interesting for the baby. Be careful that the books have short sentences so that you baby doesn’t get lost and is able to easily concentrate and understand. Make sure that the books are descriptive in terms of colours, shapes, sizes, and even emotions of the characters in the stories. Finally, these books should have a little sense of realism when your baby is younger. We don’t want to read books where a pig is flying or an elephant is talking because they start to believe that these things are real and it just confuses the baby as they become older. Once your baby is older, you can have stories like those because by then babies know it is not real and only meant for fun and engagement.

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Short and Succinct!

Keep the book reading sessions short and succinct. Babies have a short attention span. Even 5 to 10 minutes of book reading can be too long for them to focus. Reading for just 30 seconds or up to a minute is sufficient for your baby depending on their age and ability. So, keep the sessions short and succinct so as not to bore or tire your baby.

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Keep it fresh!

Keep you sessions fresh. Do not repeat the same books, the same stories, again and again. When you keep repeating, you overdo it and your baby will eventually get bored of the activity. Baby books are small and the stories are short and this often makes you repeat them. Imagine yourself watching your favourite movie or reading your favourite novel one time too many, you’d eventually get bored of it. It works in a similar fashion for your baby.

Say it right.

It is important to use clear pronunciation. We sometimes tend to use baby language or baby pronunciation while talking to our babies. It is very important to use clear pronunciation when you read to your baby, because otherwise it becomes very difficult for your baby to learn the wrong pronunciation and then unlearn it later as they grow older. Let your baby learn the correct pronunciation from the very beginning.

Maintain eye contact.

Maintain eye contact with your baby while reading a book to them. This allows your baby to observe your face and especially your lip movements. This is super important because it helps your baby develop vocabulary as well as understand the pronunciation and, over time, develop language skills on how to speak the words that you’re speaking to them.

Let the baby play.

If you are using a board book, and your baby is older, you can allow them to turn the pages of the book. This has two benefits. The first benefit is that your baby feels involved in the reading activity. They feel curious and excited. The second benefit is that turning pages helps to develop their finger muscles and the fingers skills.

Express yourself.

Use a lot of gestures and expressions while you are reading a book to your baby. Whenever you come across words that can be expressed, do it. Be animated and use lot of gestures. Describe to your baby how it looks to be excited, to be happy, to be sad, to be angry, and more.

These tips and tricks will not only make the reading activity fun and engaging for your baby, but will also contribute to their growth and development. So, go ahead and grab a book now!